"We've been undergoing transformation for every album, so we're used to the word 'transformation.' Last time, we had a lovely and cute look for 'Where Are You.' But this time, we're haughty and chic, and we show the strength of women."

-Yeeun, on CLC's 'Black Dress' concept

Yeeun is the main rapper of CLC. She is one of the original five members of the group and her fruit is the tomato.

Personality and relationships with other members Edit

On weekly idol in 2015, Seunghee stated that Yeeun had the coldest personality in the group due to her blood type being B. Yeeun said that she considers herself to be the neatest member in the group (along with Seunghee) and also one of the most punctual members, remarking that she is almost never late. Yeeun also enjoys cooking and often cooks food for the other members, particularly Yujin.


  1. She is BTS’s Jungkook’s classmate.
  2. She can tell when Seungyeon is lying.
  3. She is good at cooking like Seunghee.
  4. Deciding to cut her hair short for “Black Dress” was a difficult decision.
  5. She sleeps and sometimes rap in her dreams.
  6. Yeeun can speak, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English.
  7. She plays overwatch.
  8. She has written several of her own rap verses.
  9. Many fans called her “The Hyuna” of the group, due to her rapping that sounds similar to Hyuna. In the “Hobgoblin”, Hyuna produced the song for CLC.
  10. She shares a room with Sorn and Seunghee.
  11. Personality: Kind, confident, adorable, lovely, cool, lively, easygoing, energetic, calm, and friendly.


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