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CLC is a South Korean girl group formed in 2015 by Cube Entertainment. The group consists of seven members, Seunghee, Yujin, Seungyeon, Sorn, Yeeun, Elkie and Eunbin. CLC debuted in March 2015 with their EP 'First Love,' promoting their title track, 'Pepe.' The name of the group is an initialism which stands for CrystaL Clear.


CLC consists of seven members. Seunghee, Seungyeon, Yujin, Sorn and Yeeun debuted as a five member group in March 2015 and in February 2016, a sixth member Elkie Chong was added for their high heels comeback. It was also announced that Kwon Eunbin would join the group alongside Elkie although she was not able to promote with the group during the comeback due to her contract with Mnet whilst filming the show 'Produce 101.' The group started official promotions as a seven member group in May of 2016 with 'No Oh Oh.' Each member assumes the following positions within the group:

  • Seunghee (승희): Main Vocalist
  • Seungyeon (승연): Leader, Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer
  • Yujin (유진): Lead Dancer, Vocalist
  • Sorn (손): Vocalist
  • Yeeun (예은): Main Rapper, Vocalist
  • Elkie (엘키): Lead Vocalist
  • Eunbin (은빈): Maknae, Vocalist, Rapper



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  • 2016 United Cube Project Part 1 (2016)


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